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Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell – Website Review

Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell – Website Review

I read about this cell in STCI-PD research article where it was mentioned in subscript as source of data of some petroleum products. Site:

Key learning’s:

  • You get to know under recoveries of Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies on regulated (in terms of price) petroleum and related products.

So, as on 16th Aug 2012 the under-recoveries were as follows :

Product Unit Under-Recovery
Diesel Per Litre 13.76
PDS Kerosene Per Litre 28.54
Domestic LPG Per Cylinder 231.00
  • Also what we get to know is the amount of under-recoveries on a quarter to quarter basis. Below are the details of the same for Apr-June 2012
Product Under-Recovery ~ % of Total
Diesel 29042 60.74%
PDS Kerosene 7274 15.21%
Domestic LPG 11495 24.04%
Total 47811 100%

Here I understand why analyst and economics yell to deregulate diesel. Also one can grasp the subsidies figure of petroleum and related products by viewing the above data. This can be used to make macro-economic inferences. For e.g. Govt. in budget 12-13 declared the maximum subsidiary limit for petroleum to ~43580crores but we can see that we have breached the amount in first quarter itself.

  • We are net importers of Petroleum products, so by what means do we import physically. Below is the data for 2010-2011
Modes Crude & Petroleum Products
Pipe Line 48.4%
Railways 14.6%
Road 15.3%
Coastal 21.7%
Total 100%
  • Central Govt. garners ~90000-100000crs from tax charged on petroleum products. (e.g. Central Govt. Charges ~14.80rs as tax on per litre petrol).

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